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1228. Sokak No: 7 Ostim / Yenimahalle / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 312 395 0504
Hall: 11
Stand: 1110
Product Groups
  • Band Sawing Machines
  • Band Saws

Our company, which was established in Ankara, Ostim Organized Industrial Zone in 1991, continues its activities with the Retail Store and workshop opened in the İvedik Organized Industrial Zone, in addition to the address where it was established. Since the day we were founded, we have acted with the principle of following the constantly developing technology. We have benefited from developing technologies by keeping our machine park constantly up-to-date, and we have manufactured high-performance band saws throughout our business life. In 1997, we opened our second location serving as a retail store and grinding workshop in the İvedik Organized Industrial Zone. We added our high-tech CNC Sharpening Machines to our machine park in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers and to be the first company that comes to mind when saw is mentioned. In 2001, we started to provide service for the maintenance and repair of benches where saws are used, as well as the sale of Band Saws. We have created an environment where our customers can get all the services related to sawing from a single point, and we have become a solution partner for users in every field. In 2004, we started to sell Band Saws and Circular Saw Benches with the slogan of Everything About Saw by seeing the need in the sector. With the strong investments we have made since 2004, the counters that we previously sold on order have enabled us to become a stocked business that can respond to needs instantly. With the investments we made in the field of Bi-metal Band Saw in 2016, we started to have our own brand Powercut manufactured in Germany with the latest technology. While our journey, which we had previously progressed with the products we procured from domestic suppliers, has now become import-oriented, it also provided more price advantages to our customers who prefer us, and made the name Adil Saw resonant in Turkey. At the beginning of 2020, we made an agreement with the Eberle brand and added the title of Turkey s Only Authorized Distributor of the relevant brand to Adil Testere. With our own brand Powercut and the Eberle brand that we distribute, we have expanded our business volume to the entire geography of Turkey by making dealership agreements with our leading sector stakeholders in all regions of Turkey.

Bi Metal Band Saw BladesEberle Brand Band Saw Blades

High quality, high performance band saw blades

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